Wednesday, September 26, 2018

K'done: wychwood cardi-shrug

Another Ah, summer, how I miss thee knit.

Pattern: wychwood, by Jenny Faifel
Yarn: Fyberspates Scrumptious 4 ply/sport, in Oyster
Needles: 4 mm / US 6

This was a test, and wow what a test! I thoroughly enjoyed knitting this one, and when it was done I regretted not having made it for myself - my sister liked the preview pictures, and so selected the yarn from her not-so-mini stash. I done goofed! It could have been mine!

Ah, well, I'll just have to knit one for me.

The construction of this piece is intriguing, and I must confess that my brain still hasn't fully worked out how it works. It's worked from end to end - you cast on something like five stitches, at one of the armholes, knit your way across, and somehow end up on the other side, but not at an armhole, and there wasn't as much even knitting as I was expecting. While the pattern's description claims there's no long cast on or bind off, it should be noted that if you want to add ribbing around the neck/hemline (which the sample shows, and the pattern directs you to do), then there's going to be a pretty big bind off there.

I also ran out of yarn - there was supposed to be some ribbing on the sleeves as well, but clearly mine lacks that touch. I'm not terribly clear on why my yarn supply fell short - yardage wise, it should have been fine, as the pattern calls for 1200 yards and I had 1197, and I'm pretty sure it would take more than three yards to do the sleeve edge ribbing. I also cut the neck/hem edging a bit short, working only five rounds instead of the prescribed seven. The resulting piece is still plenty cozy and cocoon-y - exactly what the pattern promised.

Yep. I need one too.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

K'done: the ridge cardigan

And now back into catching up mode!

Pattern: the ridge, by Jenny Faifel
Yarn: Jojoland Splatter Dash, in, um, blue (sorry, the colour name was a numeric code, and the ballbands are long gone now)
Needles: 5 mm / US 8

Oh man. I bound this one off in June. June. Hello, delinquent knitblogger.

This was a great knit. Then again, I've developed a deep fondness for stockinette and knit-purl texture, which is what this sweater is all about. The pattern is beautifully clear and well-written, so you pretty well cruise through the project. There are some embellishment details that add to the piece's unique character, like the sleeves, which have a sort of scoop-shaped asymmetrical elongation to them, perfect for people like my sister who like for their sweater sleeves to double as hand covers.

There's also a hem cutout detail on both the sleeve cuffs and the bottom hems at the sides that I didn't think to take close pictures of when my sister was wearing it earlier this summer. So, um, here's another shot of the hand covering goodness of the sleeve cuffs.

For reasons that I no longer remember - likely having something to do with yarn chicken - I didn't do as many rows of ribbing at the bottom hem as the pattern instructed. My notes only say that I did "only six", but I didn't think to write down how many I was supposed to do, so I'm not sure how short of the mark that is. I also didn't do buttonholes, since I never planned to put buttons on the piece. My sister was completely on board with this change.

And yes, the blue colour does indeed signal that my sister was the recipient of this knit. She was indeed pleased, and has been wearing it (like in the pictures, which I actually took in August while we were out on Vancouver Island). Let the record show that this sweater is knitted item #5 that she has received this year. And we're not done yet.

Pretty sure this means I'm firmly in the good-sister book.

Tech specs: Chinese waitress COs throughout, double chain BOs throughout. My gauge was actually a bit bigger than called for (20 sts to 4", as opposed to the pattern's 21), so there's a touch more positive ease than the designer intended.