Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Stripier, stripiest

Are those even words?

The latest MKAL clue had me add that on to my growing piece of fabric. Once again, I find myself impatiently waiting for the next clue, due out next Monday. (I finished up with clue 3 on Saturday.)

I suppose this means I should clean the sink so I can block the pieces of my sister's sweater that is out of sleeve purgatory.

Or maybe it just frees me up to do some more packing. And marking. Blech.

I sure wish I could just keep going with the mystery object. It's getting pretty big. I'm awfully curious about how it's going to come together.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Who'd a thunk it

I can scarcely believe it.

I'm out of sleeve purgatory on one of my sister's sweaters.

I just bound off the second sleeve today. The body is now ready to be blocked, and then I can seam in the centre entrelac panel, and then do the bottom ribbing and neckband, and that's it. Off to sister it goes.

No pictures for now, mostly because it's now a bit late in the day for decent natural light. Also, the waste yarn holding the stitches at the hem is a bit of a snarl, and the whole thing doesn't lay very nicely because it's unblocked stockinette, and I am vain, so I'm not showing you that.

I also finally cut the yarn and wove the ends in on a washcloth experiment I've made for myself. I feel so liberated.

Turns out, when you actually put in the knitting time, knitting happens. Who knew.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Curiouser and curiouser

On Saturday night - so, four days ago - I finished up with the second clue in the MKAL.

I had to switch to different scraps at the very end of the first clue, and continued with the new scraps for the second clue. The transition point is pretty obvious:

The colour transition is nearly aligned with a structural transition point, though, so maybe it won't leap out at the eye so obviously when I have more knitted object? We'll see.

Once again, two yarns that I thought were really different when looking at the cakes had more similarities than anticipated, so the resulting fabric isn't super stripy.

Still, I'm having a good time.

The only problem? I want to keep going, but the next clue isn't out yet - it's due out on 13 April.

And all my stash is packed and moved.

What's that? Sister sweater sleeves? Oh yeah. Those. My destiny. In perpetuum.

Never mind. I'm on it.