Monday, March 2, 2009

Rippity rip rip

The last two pairs of socks I've knit have both been Jaywalkers. One for me, one for sister. After finishing sister socks, I cast on for the first of another pair for me - and I knit myself yet another Jaywalker.

As I produced this fifth individual sock in this pattern without other patterns to break up the monotony - well, there was a skirt, but for some reason that didn't do the trick - I'm ready for a break from Jaywalkers. As in, the thought of knitting that sixth sock without taking a break to knit something else makes a bit of my brain come dribbling out my ears.

So I cast on for the first of a pair of Monkey socks. First time knitting the Monkey pattern, that should fix me up, right?

I knit my socks toe up. The pattern is written toe down. The pattern probably doesn't show reversal in any significant way, but I figured I'd be clever and flip the chart so that I'd get the pattern appearing on the sock as it was written.

And so I proceeded on my merry way until I got to the bit with the double yarn over, and how that should be dealt with in the next row. Except that I was trying to knit it reversely, so that meant that I was trying to knit the double yarn over row second.

Just goes to show you - I'm not that clever. Rip, rip, rip.