Sunday, October 3, 2010

K'done: Impatience Cowl

Finished, but not according to the intended schedule.

Pattern: Impatience, by Swampette
Yarn: Fleece Artist Cashlana, in Wine
Needles: 4 mm / US 6

I had intended to knit this up to wear to a September wedding, and cast on for it in late July. Then I went away on holiday, not taking the cowl with me. Then I got back from a two-week holiday, worked on it for a bit, thought I had made a mistake, ripped it out and started over, discovered there had been no mistake, stomped about for a bit, then went away again for another week, this time for work, but still without the cowl. I was able to pick it up again a short two weeks before the wedding - but still couldn't spend lots of time on it, since I was teaching again, and other things kept getting in the way, like the need to eat, or the need to sleep.

As you might have guessed by now, no, I didn't finish it in time to wear to the wedding. I came very close, though. I needed to do I think one more full repeat of the lace pattern to get the thing to be the right size, and then the four rounds of ribbing. Oh well. It's done now, ready to go.

I made two changes to the pattern as written - one was inadvertent, the other was totally on purpose. The one that just sort of happened was right at the beginning - the pattern instructs you to do one round of knit, one round of purl, and then begin the lace pattern. I only did one round of knit. The other change that I made was doing k2p2 ribbing rather than the k1p1 ribbing called for. I did this because this way the columns of knits from the lace flow into the ribbing. Used Jeny Staiman's stretchy cast on and bind off pair of techniques, which are really fantastic.

Also loved the yarn, though the colour's not as purpley as it looks in that closeup shot there. Too bad Cashlana's been discontinued. It's fantastic for scarves and cowls - super soft for cuddling up against your neck, fingering weight for fabric that isn't super thick (I have a thing about being throttled by neckwear, it would seem), and of course, Fleece Artist colours. Alas, it is no more, but I know there's plenty of gorgeous yarns out there, just waiting for me to stumble upon them.