Saturday, December 28, 2013


This was my stash:

Um, except that bottle of Glenlivet there. That's not mine. Really. It just got put there, and I neglected to move it before snapping this pic.

Oh, and this too:

Not the prettiest storage solution, but it worked reasonably well enough. Until one day the mister suggested that I might want to consider purchasing a little cabinet for storing the yarn, rather than the cardboard boxes they were shipped in. I said, yes, that would be a fine idea, and then arranged with my parents for a trip to Ikea, where they bought my Christmas present, helped me bring it home (they have a sufficiently large vehicle to do the hauling), and my father did the majority of the building work too. (I had fully intended to do it, but he sort of took over. Dads.) Parents being parents, they even bought me lunch, too.

So now I have this:

Much better. Even though the door has a window, I took a shot with the door open, just to confirm that yes, the whole thing is indeed yarn:

It's not completely stuffed yet, which is good, since I've got a few more batches to fit in there. Also, this is not the entirety of the yarn in the house - there's a couple of boxes full of sister yarn that I deliberately left out of the cabinet.

The cabinet is all mine. And it fills me with enormous glee.

It also makes me think that maybe I don't need to buy anymore yarn for a little while.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Winter wrap-up

Ahem. Hello there.

Apparently, it's now December.

Apparently, I didn't finish any knits in November. Hmm. Actually, I finished a pair of mittens for my sister. But I'll share my mediocre pictures of those another day.

Today, I want to talk about this urge that hits me every year.

I think I've mentioned the flip side of this urge - the whole New Year, New Knits idea that knocks me over, telling me that it is super appropriate to start a new project on 1 January. That idea is always accompanied by a couple of others. The big one is the one that says it would be super appropriate to finish up as many in progress things as I can by 31 December. The little one that is sort of a variant of the big one is that I shouldn't start any big projects in December - where big is loosely defined as something that I don't think I can bash out by 31 December.

So I sort of glanced around the yarny piles around here, and realized that really, there isn't much on the go. I've got a sweater for my sister in the works, a shawl for me, a pair of sister socks that needs the heel and foot of the second sock, and a cardigan for me that needs sleeves.

So, even though it has just gotten super frigid here - spring is definitely not arriving tomorrow - I have a little plan in the back of my head for my own version of the winter wrap-up. With how crazy December always is, it's unlikely I'll actually get through everything in that in-progress pile. I think two is a reasonable goal, though.

This winter wrap-up urge may also be driven in part by the stash enhancement that seems to happen at the end of November. There are two incoming batches this time around - one has already landed - and there's actually now a plan in place to venture out to pick up a tall, narrow cabinet to put in the bedroom. This will be my yarn closet. It is probably a good idea to limit my stash enhancement in such a way that all my yarn must fit in my yarn closet.

The thing is, I'm not terribly sure that everything I have now will fit the new yarn closet.

Watch this space. There may be pictures!

Well, don't watch too closely. End of semester, I may drop off the face of the blogosphere again.

Maybe a good strategy would be to just come back around 20 December.