Friday, April 6, 2018

So much for that

I finished my sister's non-magical striping socks last night.

I should really step up my game with the pictures here. I took that last night once the ends were woven in, so it's terrible night time lighting on unmodeled socks. Yeesh. I took the picture in those terrible conditions because I thought my sister would take them home with her last night. She forgot, so I could totally grab them and do better right now, but that just seems like way too much effort.

I suspect the problem is that I'm not terribly pleased with how they came out. It's really the second one that's offending me - first it had the gall to not stripe the way the first one did on the leg, but I noticed that the leg of the second sort of matched the foot of the first, so that was sort of okay, but then the striping on the foot got even wider, and the sock was suddenly irredeemable in my eyes. I just wanted it done. At one point, when I noticed that the leg striping looked like the foot striping of the first sock, I wondered if perhaps the two skeins were from the same dye lot, but wound in different directions, so I'd get narrower stripes on the foot of the second to match the leg of the first, and I spent a few days swinging back and forth between liking that idea and wondering if it was truly bonkers to rip the second sock out to wind the yarn the other way so I could get closer-to-matching socks. A wait-and-see strategy actually saved me here.

Anyway. Those are done, I can move on. Which is great, because I've started this:

That is a hopefully not-too-spoilery shot of my progress on the latest SweaterFreak MKAL. The first clue went live on Sunday, and so far this one is not disappointing at all, though I did forget to twist my carried yarn with my working yarn two rows ago. I think it'll probably be fine, but there may be some tinking later today. All because I was so excited to get to another row with dropped stitches I just barreled along without thinking. I should find out pretty soon if I can live with the longer carry this one time. Well, this one time, until the next time I forget again.

We'll see if mistakes have corrective value for me.

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