Thursday, January 3, 2013

Auspicious beginnings

New year, new knits.


A week and a half ago, or thereabouts, I suddenly got charmed by the idea of finishing up my then-current sweater before the end of 2012, freeing me up to cast on for something new and biggish on New Year's Day.

Well. Time being what it is, and the holiday season being what it is, I didn't quite make it - I ended up knocking out the last five inches or so of sleeve on January 1, 2013.

But no matter.

I still managed to cast on for something biggish and new on January 1, 2013:

And then, on January 2, 2013, I cast on for something else smaller - just a hat:

Plus there are plans for cowls, and more sweaters - so many more sweaters! Have you seen the latest Knitty?

Must. Knit. Faster.

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