Thursday, May 28, 2015

Disaster averted

Last night, I was chugging along on my sister's scrappy wrappy thing, and got to a point where it was time to join a new ball of the same colour on, which I like to do with a Russian join - no ends to weave in. I pulled out the bag that I keep my small collection of tapestry needles in - I only have six, four are fairly large, meant for worsted weight or heavier yarn, one that is sort of medium sized, and one small one for fingering weight yarns. So I keep them all in one little pouch.

I pulled that pouch out, and saw that I was somehow down to five needles - and the one that was missing was the smallest one. The one that I needed at that moment.

Also the one that will be critical to my sock racing.

Normally, this might not be such a big deal. I'm usually pretty good about restowing my tapestry needles once I'm done with them, since I have so few, but on the odd occasion I don't, there's really only one place I would expect to find it. The problem here, though, is the last time I used that needle would have been before we moved, so I can't exactly track it back to its usual not-put-away place since that place no longer exists. I'm not sure where it could have gotten to in the meantime, but I can confidently say that I am not really in a position to locate it.

So I ventured out to a yarn shop today to buy a replacement. I got a little set of two - one small one, one larger one. They don't have the bent tips, which all my others have and it turns out I like that, but the shop was out of the bent ones. I'll have to remember to add another set to my cart next time I'm online shopping at a place that has them.

At least now, I have something. Imagine it: I'm cruising to the finish on my first sock for Stage 1 of the Tour, and I go to Kitchener the toe and discover I don't have a needle. That would have been crazy making.

No worries now, though, since I now know for sure that I have one! Phew.

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