Monday, February 14, 2011

K'done: Early Spring Socks

The January SSP socks, done a wee bit behind schedule.

Pattern: Early Spring, by Janice Kang
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Kettle Dyed Sock, in Wine
Needles: 2.25 mm / US 1

This pattern gets major points for including a gusseted heel that does not involve picking up stitches - I have an allergy to picking up stitches on socks, since they're small, so finding the right loops is a bit fiddly, and you end up with DPNs sort of pointing in a million different directions, so if I can avoid it I will. I used to avoid it by doing short row heels - but now that I've tried a few new gusset constructions that avoid the picking up bit, I can admit that gusseted heels actually fit my foot better. Now I can do them both toe up and top down - big yay!

I can't say what exactly made me think that the lace pattern would be stretchy, but I did, and it really isn't. That's probably what one should expect when one has to p3tog. So getting the sock on and off is a bit closer than I was anticipating. It's totally doable, but I was pretty nervous putting the first sock on when it was off the needles. Also, those p3togs leave little dimples in my leg and foot after I've worn the sock for a bit! They're completely comfortable on - I don't notice any squeezing or pressure points - but take the socks off, and looky there, a funny speckled pattern in my skin!

There is one small error in one sock - on the heel flap, I got into the wrong swing of sl 1, k1, and so the pattern sort of switches to eye of partridge for one row, then back to regular old heel stitch again. I noticed it many rows later, and determined that it wasn't worth ripping back to fix it. I stand by that judgment.

By the way? It is ridiculously difficult to take pictures of your own feet that actually look good. So many of mine end up looking like I have a couple of oars attached to my ankles. This window frame pose may become a recurring thing. Except maybe next time I'll figure a way to get the pullstring out of the shot.

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