Sunday, October 11, 2009

K'done: Snicket Socks

When the world is gray and cold, slip on some cozy non-gray socks.

Pattern: Snicket Socks, by Sabine Riefler
Yarn: Fleece Artist Merino 2/6, in Ruby Red

I thoroughly enjoyed knitting these - not sure the pattern looks like netted lace, as was intended by the designer, but it is still a very appealing honeycomb, and all the wee cables are fun. Well, they're fun if you cable without a cable needle - which I used these socks as an opportunity to learn. I think one might go crazy trying to use a cable needle to do these!

I will definitely be using this pattern again in the future. I suspect it's not one you'd want to try with a highly variegated yarn - solids and semi-solids are probably the best bet.

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