Thursday, September 17, 2009

Got my fix!

Ha! I placed another Eat.Sleep.Knit order on 2 September, and it arrived today!

I gleefully opened the box, hauled out the seven (7!) skeins of yarn I purchased, snuggled them all, and then rushed upstairs to the good-light-spot to take some pictures - I just use the camera in my iPhone, I find it seems to work pretty well. Perhaps I'm just not overly fussy when it comes to photodocumenting my yarn and knitworks. Which is an interesting change from my usual mode of operations where everything. Must. Be. Just. So.

So I've updated my stash database on Ravelry and am eagerly looking forward to making myself a hat! Three of these skeins were ordered with the intent of making myself some hats for Canadian not-summer. I've become completely enamoured with Stella, and have a suspicion that this hat style will actually look good on me, as opposed to beanie-style hats, which make me look a bit like a mushroom head - think of the Toad character from the world of Super Mario. I'm anxious to get started.

But I still have a second sleeve to work on a cardigan sweater, plus the applied i-cord edging on the neckline, and I'm in a bit of a hurry to have that done - having it available would dramatically increase the size of my appropriate-for-work top inventory. So I feel like I should finish that off before I cast on for this hat.

Besides, the weather forecast for the next week is still in the summer range. I still have a bit of time before not-summer kicks in.

Famous last words, right? Right up there with, Hats are quick knits.

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