Saturday, June 20, 2009

It came!

My Eat.Sleep.Knit order came!

It actually arrived yesterday - Someone Else went to check the superbox last night, and brought it back for me, I think he got a kick out watching me flip out over it. There was a smile - either he was enjoying the spectacle, or he was masking the terrible unease he was feeling knowing that he chooses to spend his time with a person who gets this excited over a box full of yarn. If it was the latter, he did a spectacular job, because I'm pretty sure it was the former.

In any event, I now want to wind up the new yarn. Right. Now.

Problem: no scale yet.

Part of me thinks this is okay - I know a skein will do a pair of socks, and like I've said before, I've been getting by decently by eyeballing, so I could wind away and just run with it.

Problem: the part of me that wants the scale for precision in halving also knows that the scale is coming, and is insisting that I be patient so that I can do this properly.

So far, persnicketiness is winning.

It's okay. I've still got a sock. And a sweater.

I better be careful though. I'm onto the leg of this sock - I do my socks toe up. I could end up in a situation in which I have finished this sock, but still have no scale, in which case I will be unable to work on a sock. Which would be, you know, wrong.

Maybe I should put this sock down and go work on the sweater for a bit. Because, you know, it's Saturday, which means that I'm boycotting real work for the day.

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