Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fifteen seconds

Hee! I know I'm late with this, but looky!

Those are my socks. Made by me. On another blog, where someone else is talking about them, using words like awesome and a work of art.


Although, now I must admit to a tiny nudge of regret that I listed the name of the socks as PikaCatnip on the Ravelry project page. I just run around slapping pika onto project names there as if it's some kind of meaningful prefix, it's really just a sort of marker - a this is mine sort of thing - that is a none-too-subtle nod to a lingering fondness for that shockingly cute Pokémon. I was once sort of obsessed with Pikachu, collecting all sorts of collectibles featuring its likeness. It got a bit weird.

I'd say I'm not so weird about it now, but the names I assign projects in Ravelry might suggest otherwise.

In any event, I busted out a real camera to take the pics featured on the TFA blog - a Canon DSLR borrowed from Someone Else, which means I don't really know the technical specs on the camera body itself or on the lens I used, as I was not involved in any of the research that went on prior to the purchasing. I'll probably still mostly rely on my iPhone for pictures, though. It's just so easy.

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