Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Wardrobe enhancement

A few weeks ago, Mister informed me that we had been invited to a wedding - one of his work colleagues/friends is tying the knot.

The wedding is this coming Saturday.

I am pretty certain that I have nothing I can reasonably wear.

Now, I've been to weddings before, and I've been satisfied with my outfits for those - well, okay, there have been two that, in hindsight, I'm a little embarrassed about. But weddings just don't come up that often. The last one I went to was in 2013 (I just searched my email to confirm that), and for that one the bride requested that all the ladies wear their pinkest party dresses. I didn't have one, so I went to the mall and bought one. I still have it, and it probably still fits, but it's really bright pink, and there are etiquette rules about how one should dress for weddings, according to my Googling:

1. Do not wear white, or off-white, or any colour that is reasonably close to what the bride will likely be wearing.

2. Do not wear black.

3. Do not wear anything terribly eye-catching.

#1 isn't a problem, since I don't own any whitish dresses, but of the dresses that I have and that fit me at least somewhat, #2 and #3 are problems. Black and red are two of my go-to colours for clothing, so naturally they feature somewhat heavily in my rather small collection of dresses, and that pink one also fails on #3.

So I'll be heading to the mall in the next few days, in search of a dress. Really, I've got the idea of getting a couple, because honestly I'm not sure I'd be terribly comfortable wearing any of my older dresses anymore, and despite how infrequently I wear them, I must acknowledge that sometimes, a dress is just the thing.

I also blocked some sweater pieces, and spent some time today doing a bit of seaming.

Don't those look a bit like yarny sausages? They're the sleeves, unblocked, curling madly because they're stockinette. I gave them a nice relaxing soak, laid them out to dry, and they transformed into these:

Which are much, much easier to seam. I'm almost done - just one last side seam to go, then on to the neckband and buttonbands. Then I'll have a new sweater! That will be too warm (and possibly scratchy) to help me with my wedding-appropriate-wardrobe dilemma.

I've also finished the MKAL piece - not quite in time to beat the big designer reveal yesterday, but I did bind it off yesterday and send it for its soak today.

That's the unblocked piece, folded up and propped up with a cushion so you can see the colour patterning. This was a fun knit, and I'm pretty pleased with the finished piece, except for the fact that it's not for me. More on that later, when I write the whole thing up once it's dry and I can take some finished pictures.

In the meantime, a seam is calling my name. Oh, and so is the dryer, as it turns out.

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