Friday, April 20, 2018

The right tool for the job

This most recent Sunday, my parents came over for dinner, and my mum said something that I no longer remember the exact wording on, but basically she was wanting to verify that I had a ball winder. I replied that yes, I did, and she said, Oh good, because I have a couple of skeins of yarn that need to be wound, and that would make it so much easier.

Yes, two 100 g skeins of fingering weight yarn is much easier to wind with a ball winder. I would know - I used to do it by hand, using an acrylic rod I found kicking around as a make-do nostepinne.

Now, you might think that perhaps I loaned my mother my ball winder, or that we made plans for her to come over with the yarn to do the winding. That would be wrong. See, when Mum was figuring on what the right tool for the job would be, she was figuring on her wind-happy daughter as part of the plan, and so she'd actually brought the yarn with her, with the intent of leaving it with me and retrieving two lovely wound cakes the next time she came over.

(To be perfectly honest - I will happily wind as much yarn as my mum needs me to! And I'm pretty sure she knows this, which is why her plan came together the way that it did. She is not one of those my-kids-owe-me-life-itself-and-will-therefore-do-whatever-I-want-them-to kind of mothers.)

She said there's no rush on this, but they've been staring at me for several days now, so I'm going to spend some quality time with them now.

(I was wrangling end-of-term and final exams last week and up until yesterday of this week. I should be able to be back here a bit more regularly now. Not that I have much to blog about - test prep and marking don't mesh well with knitting, sadly. Invigilating exams could, but I suspect it would be a poorly understood choice, so I've opted out of it.)

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