Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Seam away, seam away, seam away

I'm sitting here in my chair, sewing the last seam on my Oblique cardi.

I finally got the second sleeve finished at some point after returning home from our trip to BC, and blocked the sleeves, and then on Monday the seam-fest began. I did the raglan seams, and sewed up one sleeve, and that was it for my crafting time that day. Yesterday, I did the other sleeve, and that was it for my crafting time for the day. Today I've done one of the side seams so far, and what you see in the image above is the second side seam, which I intend to wrap up once this is posted.

While some avoid seams wherever possible, I have no objection to them. There's something rather satisfying about executing a nice seam. My first attempt at seams using mattress stitch are abysmal, because I didn't know what I was doing, and rather than ask Google and have a look at the myriad resources available online, I just winged it, doing what seemed right. It totally wasn't. I was picking up the legs of my selvedge stitches, so the seams were completely visible. Maybe I'll get over my pride and show you one day.

Today is not that day.

Once I stumbled upon some resources and read a bit on how it was supposed to go, my seams improved dramatically. I'm not sure I was ever the sort of person who shied away from a pattern because it promised seams, or the sort of person who rejiggers a pattern written with seams to be done seamlessly instead. Now that I understand it, seaming is a smooth, methodically relaxing process - much like knitting itself, I suppose. When I was a teenager, I went through a counted cross-stitch phase - I'd had a few little needlecraft kits that I'd worked my way through when I was a bit younger, and the last one ended in frustration when I ran out of yarn before the piece was finished. (I had intended to contact the kit's manufacturer to obtain the needed yarn, but I was twelve, and so never got around to doing that.) I then stumbled across some counted cross-stitch pattern books in a craft store, and it was like an epiphany - instead of relying on a kit to supply me, I could just select a motif and then buy what I needed! I think there were a few more kits along the way - in fact, I know I have an unfinished piece sitting in a box somewhere - but there was a definite shift in my crafting at that point, one where I took greater control of my projects.

This seaming I'm doing isn't the last step on this cardi, unfortunately. I still need to do the button bands (sans buttons) and collar. And I'm a pretty slow sewer, but it's not yet noon - maybe I'll have time to do some of that after?

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