Sunday, April 3, 2016


So yesterday I happened to be standing out front during daylight hours, and I had my phone handy - it was in my handbag, which was on my shoulder, since we were about to go to a hardware store - so I took advantage of the opportunity to snap a quick photo of some of the flowers that have appeared in our perennial garden.

Pretty, right?

At some point since yesterday evening, an alert appeared on my phone - I was either away from it (watching a movie at home with extended family, it was Mister's mother's birthday yesterday) or had the device muted because I was sleeping. The alert informed me that one of my photos had been subjected to Google's auto-awesome feature - various filters and visual effects are applied to change up the look of the image, all automagically. It was the flower picture, and Google auto-awesomed it into this:

Pretty different, right?

This does, of course, make me wonder what sort of criteria Google is using for the auto-awesomeing. None of my other photos have been auto-awesomed. Why not?

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