Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Waking up

Dare I say it? Spring might actually be here.

Now, that's probably gone and jinxed it. The weather in this part of Canada can be sort of unpredictable - in the Rockies, the ski hills (ha! I know, they're really mountains, but ski mountains doesn't sound right) are usually open until the May long weekend, so snow is not really unexpected in April and May. I have a foggy memory of a weird snowfall in August one year!

Today, though, the sun is shining gloriously, and the perennial garden in our front yard is starting to wake up - there are some little plants with tiny white flowers that have appeared, and the first few crocuses are also out in their fuzzy purple glory. (I didn't plant the perennial garden - the previous homeowner did - and I'm not exactly wildly experienced with plants, so it's entirely possible that the little purple flowers with fuzzy surroundings aren't actually crocuses. Do feel free to correct me! This is also why I don't know what the tiny white flowers are. They're not lily of the valley, but other than that, I know nothing.)

The rabbits are also out in full force - there are quite a few of them living in this neighbourhood, there's a lot of green space for them to hide in - and their fur is starting to go from white to brown, so a lot of them look sort of dirty a lot of the time.

I managed to snag this picture a couple of weeks ago - March 17, according to my phone - the bunny is still pretty white, and I've seen a few around here that are still quite white, but the ones that have set up camp in our yard are all browning a bit. I caught one eating some of the plants in the perennial garden, but he ran away when I stood up to try and snap a pic, I guess he could see me through the window.

One of my mother's socks is done, save the kitchenering of the toe - I want her to try it on before I cut the yarn. My consolation prize sweater is approaching completion too, which means I've started casting longing glances at my Oblique pieces. I'm starting to think about doing one of the fronts first, to see how much yarn that eats - maybe I can actually have full length sleeves?

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