Thursday, February 11, 2016


At least, that's what I hope to have in the near future, after having spent a large amount of my time over the past month or so in the noble pursuit of career advancement. (Unfortunately, I won't know for a little while if my efforts will bear fruit.) I have another thing or two to wrap up for work stuff, and then I have a great big knitterly plan. Not like the delusional list I came up with last year of Things I Will Knit This Summer, many of which never came to pass. I think my new plan is much more reasonable, and feasible, and I am rather unreasonably excited about it.

I missed the good light for the day, so no pictures, but my latest sweater is nearing the point of body completion, which means it will soon be time to contemplate the sleeves. Sleeves are a bit of a crapshoot with me - sometimes I get them done quickly, other times they're the reason the project sort of languishes in my unfinished pile for ages. I'm pretty motivated to have the finished sweater in this case, so maybe that means the sleeves will move quickly. Maybe.

I make no promises.

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