Wednesday, February 17, 2016

K'done: Boomerang cowl


Pattern: Boomerang Cowl, by MollyGirl Yarn
Yarn: madelinetosh tosh dk, in a one-off red
Needles: 5 mm / US 8

I sort of lurk around the Cowls group on Rav, and they do cowl-of-the-month knitalongs that I've been sort of watching for the past year or so - somehow, I just never got around to joining in before. This January, though, I took the plunge, and this cowl was the result. A quick, fun, satisfying knit.

I suppose, if you look at it just right, that the lace motif looks a bit like boomerangs? It's actually called fishscale lace, but I suppose Boomerang cowl has a nicer ring to it than Fishscale cowl. Although, every time I think of the word fishscale now, I flash back to Gang Related, and I hear Cliff Curtis saying it in his faux Mexican Spanish accent. And while I enjoyed the show, I do sort of wonder why they cast a part Maori New Zealander as a Mexican drug cartel boss. Sort of like how I wonder a bit about why Narcos cast Brazilian Wagner Moura to play Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

But anyway.

I fiddled with the pattern a bit - I didn't do the ribbing, but instead just put in a couple of rounds of garter stitch for edging. The less substantial edging means that the overall piece is more prone to give in to the will of the fabric - the way the decreases and increases are arranged, the fabric wants to pull in in certain places, so the edge no longer sits straight. My bound off edge is straighter than my cast on edge, and though I tried to block that cast on edge as straight as I could without any wires or support mechanisms, it's still got a bit of a wave to it. But that's okay.

Once I got the fishscale lace in my head, I didn't consult the pattern anymore, so I'm not sure how many repeats of the lace it tells you to do. I managed to squeeze in eight, and used up almost all of my skein - I'm not great at visual estimation of length or distance, and I'm too lazy at this moment to fetch up a tape measure, but I'd say there's about a single metre of yarn left.

Tech specs: Chinese waitress CO, double-chain BO.

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