Friday, January 22, 2016


The sky is super grey today, which means it's sort of dark and dreary here in the house, which is only compounded by the startling amount of clutter that seems to have accumulated somehow (hint: two people with strong packrat tendencies live here, and neither has a strong cleaning/decluttering urge). Two thirds of the Christmas tree are still up - we have an artificial pre-lit tree, and last week I spent some time taking down all the ornaments and tucking them back into their box in the basement, and then I unplugged most of the cords on the tree - there's two that I think will be easier to access once there's less tree in the way - and then waited for the Mister to do the heavy lifting part. In the past, I have successfully managed to haul the tree in and out of basement storage, but the Mister gets upset with me when I do that because he's afraid I'll hurt myself - two of the pieces are pretty big and hard to manage, and one of them is pretty heavy too. The very top part of the tree was removed and taken down to the box in the basement, but for some reason that I can't remember anymore, he wanted to postpone moving the rest of the tree.

So now we just have a naked, decapitated-looking artificial pine tree in our living room.

Something will need to be done about that soon, but in the meantime, that cowl is done, ends woven in, just waiting for blocking:

Complete with the tiny amount of remaining yarn. For a little bit during the bind off, I started to worry that I wouldn't have enough to make it! Clearly, it was fine, but wow, this cowl sure did its job of maximizing my available yarn. I love it when this happens - even if I get a bit of an adrenaline rush during the bind off.

I haven't cast on my new sweater yet, but I think that will happen today - I'll go put on a load of laundry (that I just remembered I need to do today), and then I'll settle in to do the cast on while I think over some work-related stuff. (Yes, there's a deadline coming for me. Really soon. I need to bust a move. Yes, that just makes me want to knit more.)

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