Monday, September 21, 2015


I have things to show you.

There's a sweater update I want to share.

There's another blocked thing that needs its completion post. It wasn't finished over the summer, but the bulk of it was knitted over the summer - the latest video game knit.

There's, um, a couple of other blocked things that need photo shoots and completion posts.

Unfortunately, by the time I got home today, the sun had passed that point in the sky where it nicely lights up various spots in my home, so pictures aren't happening. Maybe later this week.

In the meantime, I've returned to another sweater that was on pause - one I started for my sister before we moved earlier this year. It sort of got set aside in favour of knits for me after the move, and I've hit that point where I start feeling bad about having done that. I've also got a second sock of a pair in the works for her, and I'm feeling a little guilty about those still hanging around, but I must confess, it's hard to drum up a whole lot of sympathy for someone who isn't getting her handknits fast enough, especially when it hasn't exactly been a lean year for her - she's gotten a sweater (that I started a few years ago, but whatever), a cowl/shawl/wrap thing (that has yet to be photodocumented here), a shawlette, and a pair of socks. Sure, I've knit more for me - six pairs of socks (TdS!), three cowls, and a cowl/shawl/wrap thing, but I'm the one doing the knitting, so I feel like I am permitted to be selfish with my time. This is a thing I do for fun, and some of it happens to fall her way. This is not a thing I do purely to improve her quality of life.

Still, I feel like getting these wrapped up will feel good, and she'll be happy, and also her stash is starting to rival mine, so I feel a bit compelled to knit it down, especially since she's running low on sock yarn, which means I should start watching for sales so she can stock up a little, even though the exchange rate is truly terrible right now. I should get her to pick her next sweater. It's well and truly fall now, I feel like knitting sweaters.

If I'm being completely honest, what I'd like most is to knit a sweater for me, but there are obstacles to that at the moment. For now, let's just put it this way: I've seen others state that experienced knitters do not, in fact, make fewer mistakes, they make bigger mistakes faster. If that's true, then maybe I now fall into the category of experienced knitters.

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