Thursday, September 3, 2015

K'done: Divergent Series cowl

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Pattern: Divergent Series, by Jenny Faifel
Yarn: scraps of Dream in Color Smooshy, Fleece Artist Merino 2/6, madelinetosh tosh sock, and Shibui Sock
Needle: 4.5 mm / US 7

This project was a MKAL that started on March 23, 2015, and according to my Rav project page, I finished it on May 3, 2015. I think I even talked about it a bit here - I wanted to block it, but felt compelled to finish a sister sweater first? So yeah. It got blocked, and then we moved, and I sort of forgot to blog it until now.

It's a very simple but super fun knit. Well. Fun if you like stockinette, which I do - who am I kidding, I like it all - so I had a really good time with it. The construction has you knit it flat with back and forth rows, and in the end it all comes together in a big loop with no seaming or kitchenering required. There are a several ends to weave in, particularly if you're using lots of different scraps.

The finished object is also rather massive. I found myself tossing it over my shoulders as a single loop a couple of evenings earlier this summer, when it got a bit chilly for my liking, and I sort of wore it like a poncho. (You need to be a bit careful wearing it like this, though, because the top opening is really too large for this thing to really qualify as a poncho.) Otherwise, I like to wear it doubled like in the first photo, with a comforting mass of wool bunched around the neck, and some fabric dipping further down. Because of my colour choices, it actually looks like I'm wearing two cowls instead of one doubled up on itself.

To be honest, I wasn't at all sure I'd like the end product because of the scrappy nature of my stripes. This was really an experiment in using up scraps, and I figured even if I didn't care much for the cowl at the end, I could keep it in my office to toss on when it gets cold in there. As it turns out, I actually like the dual nature of the cowl I got, and I'm still going to take it to keep in my office, but I may not be so quick to take it off before heading off to class.

Well. We'll see. It is still pretty scrappy. But it does make me happy.

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