Wednesday, September 2, 2015

K'done: Artesian Shawl(ette)

Eek! Catching up! Prepare for a parade of knitted things.

Thing the first:

Pattern: Artesian, by Romi Hill
Yarn: madelinetosh tosh sock, in Betty Draper's Blues
Needles: 5 mm / US 8

I know. These pictures are not great. What can I say, I snapped them before handing the scarf over to my sister, and she's worn it once or twice since then, but I neglected to recognize the photo opportunity. We were on vacation, I didn't have my iPhone handy.

So. This was actually finished over a month ago - I cast on way back on June 10, and it was done before sockracing was done, but not by much, I don't think. My memory's fuzzy on the finish, and things were so hectic at the time that I neglected to enter the completion date on my Rav project page. Oh well.

What do I remember? I remember having a bit of trouble with stitch counts - I didn't pay very close attention when doing the fishnet panel the first couple of times, and found myself with an extra stitch when I got to the end of the row. Couldn't tell you what happened - I had to pull it out and redo it, counting very carefully as I went, and then magically it was all fine. This pattern has you cast on a bazillion stitches and place a gazillion markers to serve as landmarks for the short rows used to shape the shawl, and I checked my markers and they were all placed fine, but somewhere in the giant unmarked field things had gone off the rails. Either way, if one pays a bit of attention, there will be no problems.

Other than the number troubles, this was a very nice relaxing knit, and I am quite pleased with the finished object, though I wish I'd been able to squeeze the fifth repeat of Chart A out of my yardage. Four repeats of Chart A used up 80 g of yarn, and each repeat is a bit bigger than the last, so I reasoned that the remaining 20 g wouldn't be enough for a fifth repeat (since each one used on average 20 g) plus Chart B to finish it off. Maybe if I'd used smaller needles and more aggressive blocking? I did my usual gentle block, and skipped the suggested step of starching the shawl. I think I ended up with about 15 g of yarn remaining. The shawlette is admittedly smaller than I would have liked, but my sister seems to like it, so I'll call it a successful project.

Tech specs: Chinese waitress CO, double chain BO.

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