Monday, June 15, 2015

TdS 2015: stage 2, days 3 & 4

Another twofer, because weekends can be like that.

Day 3 saw me to here:

Agonizingly close to a complete sock. Sadly, it took me a fourth day to get that done, and because weekends are not so much with the knitting time for me, this is far as I was when the lights went out last night:

I could wave my hands around dismissively and say something about just not being able to put the time in to get these done, but that wouldn't be the whole truth: my timer app tells me I've put in over 24 hours into that sock and toe. I cannot deny that adding that second colour slows me down a whole bunch.

But that's okay. It may not be true for all - there are many finished pairs already - but it's gotta be true for more than just me, right? I better get back at it if I want to meet my top 10% goal.

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