Monday, June 29, 2015

K'done: Touring Bubbles socks


Pattern: Touring Bubbles, by Karen Buhr
Yarn: Invictus Yarns Master of My Feet, in The Game is On

Needles: 2.25 mm / US 1

Tour rank: #137
Actual knitting time: who knows? I totally forgot to use my timer for this one!

Ahem. Please ignore the autofocus fail there.

I shouldn't be so down on my finish for these socks. I mean, sure, I missed my goal by a fairly wide margin, but I'm still done well before the cutoff date. Thing is, I was anticipating that this round would be great for me - it's a sock done up in a single colour, in a gauge that I am used to, in a pattern with a memorizable chart. All those factors should come together for super zippy knitting.

Unfortunately, the world at large had other plans for me and my time, and funny thing about knitting, if you don't touch the yarn and needles, no progress gets made. Picking them up and then putting them right back down again doesn't count either. I tried it.

So while I am disappointed with my performance, even though it wasn't really me being slow, it was me not being able to knit, I am still happy with the socks. Note the colour - not red/pink! I realized I was on my way to having this year's Tour turn into the Tour de Pink, and my sock drawer is rather well populated with reds and pinks and purples already, so it was time to venture into other areas of the colour wheel. I'm glad I did - this yarn photographs super blue with my iPhone, but in reality it's more of a slate grey-blue to my eyes. Lovely dye work - exactly what I've come to expect from Invictus - and the base is a nice smooth yarn to work with. There were a couple of moments where I managed to pull a stitch off the needle by inadvertently dragging it with the most recently completed stitch - a bit of fuzz or something got caught - but no disasters were suffered.

Pattern-wise, I was so happy to see a memorizable chart with a 10 stitch repeat, but its small size did lead me to a small goof - I forgot to take the cables into account. The pattern does this to a certain extent - the leg of the sock is worked over 70 stitches, which is a lot, but the pattern also makes use of 2x2 cables, and the rounds that have these cables actually are almost entirely composed of cables, which eats up a lot of lateral stretch. The socks still fit me, and it's a bit close getting them on and off - not uncomfortably so, but if I were to do this pattern again, I'd do the ribbing on the 2.25 mm needle, go up to a 2.5 mm for the leg for a little extra room, then switch back to the 2.25 mm for the heel, foot, and toe.

All in all, a fun sock!

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