Monday, May 4, 2015


Yesterday, I finished up my MKAL scrappy wrappy thing, and wove in the ends. I want to block it somewhat promptly, so I can show my sister - she may want one too, and it was pretty darn entertaining to work up, and she has tons of sock yarn remnants eating up space, so I am on board with making one for her.

We still haven't moved, and I thought with a sigh that I didn't really want to wait until after the move to block this.

Which drew my eye to the pile of sister sweater pieces that need to be blocked before I can finish it off - seam in the centre panel and work up the neckline and hem ribbing.

And then I reflected on the fact that my sister's birthday is this coming Sunday. This sweater isn't really her gift, but it's been a long anticipated piece, and it sure would be nice to present it to her on her day.

Bingo. Challenge accepted. This morning I gave the sink a quick cleanaroo, then dumped the sweater pieces into Soak-y water. They marinated like that for 45 minutes, then I squeezed them out by hand and laid them out on the not-a-table. (Yes, I skipped the step where you roll your pieces up in a towel and then walk on them. I always skip this step. It's dry in Calgary. Also, I'm lazy.)

Tomorrow (or, you know, Wednesday - I did skip the towel step) I'll seam in that centre panel, and then I'll be off and running knitting again to try and wrap it all up by Sunday.

We need to move soon. I'm running out of stuff to knit with!

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