Friday, August 29, 2014

Block party

I'm quite sure I'm not the first person to make that pun. Still, I like it, so I guess I'll just be unoriginal.

I finally got around to blocking two of the three finished things that have been sitting idle, waiting to be fully finished. I did the purple short-sleeved sweater - which, by the way, I just barely had enough yarn to finish - and a cowl I knit while in BC. Still waiting for its turn is a grey sweater.

And, um, three older sweaters that need to be handwashed. Eh, I'll get there.

Getting those two items off the couch makes me feel a whole lot better about the brown sweater that will be cast on very soon - the yarn is all wound up now. And maybe I'll make another cowl.

Plus I've been putting some time into a hat for the resident Mister. Oh, and Sock Sniper is starting up soon - I'm non-combatant, but last year my sister picked one of the patterns and got another pair of socks, and I think that will be happening again this year, provided at least one of the patterns isn't lacy.

I still haven't had that filing party I need to have, so the appearance of disaster still abounds. I did make some good progress on real work things, though, so there's that. At least there's a good reason why I haven't tidied up around here.

Well. I would say that Had to knit stuff is an excellent reason not to tidy up. Other people, however, seem to have differing opinions on that.

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