Thursday, July 3, 2014

TdS 2014: stage 4, days 1 & 2


I've been out of the house and unable to knit for long stretches (i.e., hours at a time) since this leg began in the wee hours (5 AM local time!) two days ago. Day 1 saw me do this:

I had a bit of a technical issue when I grabbed the crochet hook I used for last year's socks - my 1.3 mm hook - because although these beads are Delicas, ordered when I ordered the ones I used last year, their holes are smaller. I guess I got a weird batch? Luckily, I did pick up a smaller hook - 0.75 mm - at some point in the past year, so after fighting unnecessarily with the first few beads, I switched, and the beading became much smoother.

Day 2 saw this:

Not much beyond day 1, because I only really got some time in the morning, and it wasn't super effective time - I kept stopping to do something or check something.

Today I really really want to finish the first sock and start in on the second. Plenty of folks are already done, and if I'm going to meet my goal of top 60, then I really need to bust a move. Maybe life will cooperate better today?

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