Monday, June 2, 2014

TdS 2014: stage 1, day 1

When I went to bed last night, I had this:

That's a complete foot with heel, and most of a toe. My original plan was not to do these concurrently - I usually finish the first sock before beginning the second. I had a question, though, about following the rules for the leg, and by the time I posted the question, the relevant answer-providers were all asleep, thanks to the magic of time zones. Rather than lose what was left of my day, I ran a lifeline, yanked my needles, and started the toe of sock #2. I also took advantage of the opportunity to try the sock on. (It fits.)

More tomorrow. Gotta go knit. Nine finishers already! And I have yet to complete a sock. While I have no illusions of winning this Tour, I would like to improve upon my performance from last year, and the points system has been rejiggered, which could make for more interesting scoring.

But not if I don't get my sock back in my hands!

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