Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Here I go again

Can you feel that buzz in the air? The slight hum of anticipation?

The 2014 Tour de Sock is rapidly approaching!

This year, I knew it was coming. This year, I am prepared:

This morning, I rounded up all my sponsor yarn and heaped it into the chair. Well, truthfully? I have a couple more skeins of Invictus that I've got stowed away for gifts for my sister - shh! The number of Tour sponsors has increased to include a couple of Canadian yarnies, and I happened to have some in my stash already, so my options for this Tour are pretty good, and I'll be earning bonus points for my team! Yay!

In the meantime, while counting down till 1 June? I'm going to try avoiding socks, just to make sure I don't get sock burnout mid-Tour. It didn't happen last time, but you know, luck favours the prepared. I managed to get that pair of socks for my sister done in time to slip into her birthday goodie bag - I'll try to take some pics when I see her wearing them - but for the next two and a bit weeks, I'm gonna try to have a sweater extravaganza here. I've got, um, five sweaters kicking about at various stages of completion, and while I have no illusions about bashing through all of them, I'd like to crank through two or three of them. We'll see how it goes.

After all, the Tour's tech specs are out, and I need to pick a yarn for Stage 1. Oddly, I think I've got some of the other stages sorted out, mentally. Just not Stage 1, as it turns out.

I'll keep thinking. After all, luck favours the prepared. (Why yes, I have been watching The Incredibles lately - how could you tell?)

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