Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It's just as well

This has been an evening rather replete with life lessons. At least, the last hour or so has been.

I've previously mentioned my quirk of aligning video games with video game knits, especially the starting points. When I got home from work today, my player suggested that he might give Bioshock: Infinite a try today. We're not done with Skyrim - not by a long shot - and he's also a bit keen to launch into Grand Theft Auto V. The thing is, both Skyrim and GTA V are epic sorts of games - a long story line, with boatloads of little side adventures to fill out the experience. With those two on the go, it would be a long time before he got around to playing Bioshock, which is a bit shorter in its gameplay - he'd read reports of it requiring about 18 hours of gameplay.

His logic was to take a small break from big epic games and sort of knock out this adventure.

He shared this plan with me, and I mentally began the knit plotting. I'm still not done with those socks for my sister - I'm almost ready to do toe decreases. There's another pair of socks she wants, but I'm going to make her wait a bit because man oh man I need a break from socks I would like to have a bit of a palate cleansing knit, as it were. There's the beginnings of a sleeve cuff that I prepared a little while back, but honestly? I sort of had that in mind for Skyrim once the sister socks were done. There's a sweater that she wants, too. I thought about casting on for that with Bioshock. Is 18 hours enough time to knit a whole sweater?

In the end, I decided to just keep plugging on the socks - Sock Sniper is nearly done, and I want my random draw entry! Oh, and also, my sister wants her socks. I figured once the socks were done, I could maybe whip up a cowl to fill what's left of the game, and maybe start the sister sweater with GTA V.

But after about 1.5 hours of gameplay tonight? I'm glad I didn't start something new for this one.

Because he may not play it anymore.

It's a first-person shooter type game, which isn't his preferred style - he actually ordered the game based on rave reviews, only to realize later that it was an FPS. We thought we'd give it a try anyway - after all, rave reviews!

He did not, however, enjoy the gameplay. Lots of motion in FPS games as you try to look around at the world, and aim your weapon at the various baddies that pop up. I found I started to feel a bit motion sick as he played. Plus, he found the actual gameplay a bit tedious. The environment was neat for the first five minutes or so, but then he got tired of the mechanics of exploring it with the FPS view. When the first fight sequence started up, he exclaimed, This game just got a whole lot better!. But after twenty minutes of that, he grew restless again.

So, yeah. It's just as well I decided against starting something new. Keeps my in progress stack down to a dull roar.

Life lessons? Oh, right.

Lesson the first: the rave reviews of others don't guarantee that you will also enjoy.

Lesson the second: watching FPS games on a large television screen should be done in small bursts; better to avoid entirely.

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