Monday, September 23, 2013

Good behaviour

Man, time is just flying.

I still have another finished thing to talk about, but it has no pictures yet, so I'm going to postpone that a bit longer.

I've been chugging along diligently on a pair of socks for my sister - the rescued Lorna's Laces yarn from a few posts ago, and it's going pretty well. The pattern is straightforward and uncomplicated, but fun - it's Lius, by Rachel Coopey - and the yarn is pretty and works up like a dream, and I like the way they're working up. I've got one sock done, ends woven in and everything, and I'm about halfway down the leg of sock #2.

And, really, I should just finish them up and hand them over to my sister. She's been waiting for a while now. Plus, if I can get them done before the end of Sock Sniper, I'll have an entry for a random prize drawing. To be perfectly honest, I was hoping I'd be able to get two pair done, and have two entries, but life has reduced my knitting time somewhat.

Oh, and there's that other thing. The fact that I've knit rather a lot of socks in recent memory, and they say that variety is the spice of life, you know? I've sat down with the intent of knitting on my sister's socks, and instead I find myself browsing sweater patterns. Or sifting through my not-fingering weight mini-stash.

Or, winding up some Dream in Color Classy. For a sweater.

A sweater worked up at a gauge that requires needles that resemble pencils more than they resemble skewers.

I've been here before. I just need a little gauge whiplash, shake things up a bit. Restore some balance to my knitting equation, as it were.

Don't worry. My sister's socks are my current video game project. They will be finished, and relatively soon.

I'm just, you know, casting on for a new sweater as well.

Say it with me. Balance.

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