Monday, August 19, 2013

The stripes have it

I order various items of clothing from Victoria's Secret at fairly regular intervals - about twice a year, not-so-coincidentally timed with their Semi-Annual Sales. Consequently, I get a regular stream of catalogues from them - at times, it feels like they're sending me two a week, but realistically I probably get one every two weeks or so. Since I've had positive results shopping with them - and doing so affords me the luxury of browsing the catalogue at any odd hour I choose in whatever mode of dress happens to be happening at that moment - I diligently scour each and every page of browse through the catalogues and make mental notes of what I might like to include in my next order.

The night before last, I was carefully reading casually browsing through the latest catalogue to land in my mailbox, and something occurred to me - I was seeing stripes. Lots of stripes. Not wee pinstripes - great big bold stripes.

And I remembered that back in late February, I started a sweater with reasonably bold stripes - caramel, by Isabell Kraemer.

Now, while I try to be a fashion conscious sort of person, I've had limited success with it - any time I try to be on trend, I end up a few months too late, so most of my efforts go towards acquiring more pieces that would be described as timeless.

But if stripes are in, and I've got a striped sweater on the needles, with the body about two thirds of the way done? Maybe I can bust a move and get it done in time for fall.

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