Monday, July 8, 2013

In the rain

It's raining again today.

Here I am - all caught up, work-wise, until after tomorrow's Skype meeting, waiting till Thursday for the next round of the Tour de Sock, and I even cleaned up the kitchen detritus yesterday. There's some laundry hanging over my head, but it's not urgent, and I suppose I could vacuum the house, but meh. That's feeling not particularly urgent right now too, even though it hasn't been done in rather a long while.

No, the drizzly greyness outside is making me particularly lazy. I think I'll give myself a manicure, then hunker down for some knitting, or maybe some video game playing. I have some new stash to catalogue too - maybe that'll also happen today. I got some added over the past few days - my Rav stashminder is now up into the triple digits now. Is there a club for that?

I did start a new video game knit over the weekend, but I may end up pulling out part of it and redoing it. It's a bit of an experiment in short rows, and I think I may want to rejigger how short my short rows are. I think I made them too long.

Or maybe they're fine. I'll have to see what I've got once I'm done the short rows.

But yeah. Today is definitely a day for yarny pursuits, methinks.

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