Monday, May 13, 2013

Slacker Monday

It is nearly 4:15 local time, and I have not done any work today.

The day got off to a later start than a typical Monday - Someone Else had a doctor's appointment, which meant he took the morning off, so we slept in. He actually took the day off since he wasn't sure how long the appointment would take - it's nothing serious, it's just that doctor's offices can often end up being places where you go to sit and wait. He didn't want me to sit and wait with him in the waiting room, so I did a bit of light grocery shopping and then brought the food home, stashed it all in its proper place, and then sat down to finish getting the next video game knit ready for actual game time.

That's Madelinetosh Tosh Sock, in Wren, which in real life is more greeny-gold than it appears in that picture. I use my iPhone to take my pics, and it seems to have its white balance set to enhance blues, which means that all colours appear cooler than they actually are. I've got the barest beginnings of a cowl - a bit of an experiment. Not my own design from scratch, but what I hope will turn out to be an interesting twist on an existing design.

We'll see. If it's not what I'm imagining, I may rip it out and disavow all knowledge, instead presenting whatever I end up turning the yarn into as if that had been my original intent.

Anyway. So I put off trying to get real work done - because I do have some, with an informal deadline to boot - because I didn't know when I'd be called to go pick up Someone Else. The sort of work I have to do is not of the do-a-little-here-and-there variety. It's the sort that requires a fair bit of dedicated, relatively uninterrupted concentration. The sort of task that I want to have a time window of at least two or three hours available to take a run at.

So the uncertainty allowed me to justify procrastinating, and I was sort of vindicated when I got the call about 30 to 45 minutes after getting home. Out I went, and he decided it was late enough in the day that it wasn't worth it for me to take him to the office, so we came back home, and if he was needed at work, he'd telecommute.

The thing is, even if he's working, I find it terribly difficult to find the focus to actually do any work myself.

So I'm calling this day gone, and I'll have to bust a move tomorrow and Wednesday and Thursday.

That's okay, though. If anything, that's how I roll.

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