Friday, February 8, 2013

Embracing multiplicity

I realize that I'm way overdue on a post about the sweater I finished up most recently - I've been wearing it, it's great, but my work schedule in conjunction with the fact that it is still winter here in Canada means that by the time I'm home to take a picture of myself wearing it, it's pretty darn dark. So far I haven't worn it on a weekend, but it may come to that just so I can get a decently lit shot.

In the meantime, I'm still knitting, but not a whole lot is getting finished up because I'm getting pulled in about fifty directions all at once. I've finished the knitting on that cowl for my sister - the thing needs its ends woven in, and a good blocking, and buttons sewn on, but I don't have any buttons, so I have to go buy some, and, well, see above about work cramping my schedule a bit. I'm not exactly sure when buttons will be procured.

I also have now twice attempted to wear my Damson shawlette to work, but both times, I wrapped it about my neck in the morning, looked in the mirror...and saw myself wearing an enormous bib. Not exactly the professional image I'm going for. I don't think it's the shawlette's fault - I've successfully worn it to work in the past, and not gotten the same infantile vibe, so it's just something about my wrapping mojo - I just can't do it right now, for whatever reason.

Instead, I reach for my Impatience cowl, and take a few moments to reflect on how great it would be if I had a few more cowls in my collection, so that I wasn't always wearing the same one. I don't want to get a reputation at work as the weirdo who always wears that knit cowl that must be fairly filthy by now. A little variety is good, right?

So. I've got some yarn wound up. There are two skeins of Madelinetosh Tosh Sock ready to be turned into two different cowls, and I'm just about to wind up some Claudia Hand Painted Fingering for a third, and my current plan is to just cast all of them on and work on them all.

Which, of course, is a pretty poor plan, given that I only have two hands, need both of them to knit on any single thing, and my knitting time is sort of limited.

Oh, I also cast on for a hat the other night.

And there's that sock rework for my sister. And another sock I started a while back.

And there are a few sock patterns that have come to my attention more recently that have started taking up some rather significant real estate in my head.

Plus a sweater. Did I mention my sweater plans yet? I want to make Kittiwake. I'm having some trouble deciding on the yarn - I've got two batches of Dream In Color Classy available in my stash, but I just can't decide on which colourway would be the best choice. So in the meantime, I intend to make Caramel.

Are you keeping track? That's now, um, let's see, three cowls, a hat, an unspecified-but-definitely-plural number of socks, and a sweater with another one hot on its heels.

Yep. Gonna do all that, with these two hands of mine.

I'm not finishing anything for a while, am I?

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