Saturday, January 12, 2013

New year, new fail

So, this past week I kitchenered the toe and wove in the ends on a new sock for my sister. It still needs a mate, but the first sock was done, and I needed for her to decide whether she wanted the socks mirrored or identical - it's Liz Abinante's Socks for Euni pattern, so there's a strong directionality to it, and depending on personal taste and style, a person could follow the pattern and have identical socks, or reverse the twists on one and have mirrored socks.

Last night, I presented the completed sock to my sister, and had her make her decision for its mate. I also had her try it on to make sure the fit was good. I don't usually do this step - I've been knitting her socks for a few years now, and historically if the sock fits me, then the sock fits her too. I've tried this one on, and it fits, but it's a really close fit at the cuff, so I figured better safe than sorry, and had her pull it on.

The foot was fine, but cuff was too tight. She could get it on and off, but not easily, and that made her nervous, which means she'd be hesitant to actually wear the socks, and then what's the point of that?

So it needs to be fixed. That's doable.

It's a bit of a pain, though, because this sock was knit from the top down, which means I can't pick out the cast on edge and rip down to where the leg is no longer tighter than desired and then knit back up. I briefly entertained the notion of surgically removing the leg of the sock, picking up live stitches, and then reknitting the leg, but because the pattern involves twists, or two-stitch cables, that's not going to work either - there will be a visible point on the sock where the directionality of the knitting was reversed.

This means that I have to go in, unpick the end at the toe, and then. Rip. The. Entire. Sock. Apart.

Just to fix the leg. Again, the foot is completely fine.


So I cast on a cowl for her last night. Clearly, it's going to be a bit of a while before these socks are done.

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