Sunday, November 4, 2012

A step in the right direction

Well, I didn't get another post up before October 2012 sailed off into the annals of history. But, I am back before another complete month has elapsed, so let's call that improvement, shall we?

My latest sweater now looks like this:

I wish I were further along - mostly because I want to wear this sweater already - but I haven't been able to really sit down and churn away uninterrupted. That's okay, I guess - good things come to those who wait, right? I did have to rip out the horizontal cabled band and have a second crack at it - as written, the pattern doesn't give the band shown on the sample, the cables and plain ribs are switched around, and I decided after about three inches that I preferred it the way shown on the sample.

As is also evidently clear from the photo, this hasn't been blocked yet, and that band is all scrunched up the way ribbing wants to do, so the sweater is shorter than it should be, and the puffy horizontal band sort of gives a spare tire-esque quality to the silhouette. While I am generally in favour of blocking all garments before wearing, there are some that I let slide - accessories worked entirely in seed stitch or garter stitch, for example, or socks, or some hats. Blocking before wearing is a definite must for this one.

Oh, and yes, that is a DPN holding some of the sleeve stitches on one side. I only have four stitch holders, and I realized when I got to the provisional cast on that all my cables were being held hostage, so one stitch holder was liberated in order to liberate a cable.

I've put in a bit of time on the other second sock left over from summer - about halfway through the heel flap now. That's going to get some attention Monday morning - I've got some waiting room time, which means primo sock knitting time, and I'm hoping to turn the heel and get through the gusset decreases. Then all that will be left will be to fly through the foot and toe, then finishing, then I'll have another pair of socks for my drawer - yay!

Up next on the sock docket - socks for my sister. She mentioned a few nights ago, in passing conversation, that her collection of handknit socks has suffered some significant losses. Message received loud and clear. Last night I pulled out a couple of options from her sock yarn stash, she selected one and picked out a pattern to go with it, and those will be next.

You know. Once I've liberated some sock-sized needles.

Maybe I should look into getting some more needles?

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