Saturday, July 21, 2012

K'done: Tangled Yoke Cardigan Pullover

It's too hot for modelled shots. I apologize in advance.

Pattern: Tangled Yoke Cardigan, by Eunny Jang
Yarn: Naturally Merino et Soie 8 Ply, in Tamarind
Needles: 4 mm / US 6; 3.5 mm / US 4 for neckband ribbing

I fell in love with this sweater ages ago - I no longer remember when, probably at some point in 2009 when I was really getting the hang of cruising the pattern database at Ravelry - but my love went on unfulfilled as I didn't have the magazine in which the pattern appears. Fast forward to early 2011, when I finally got my hands on a copy, and vowed that the sweater would be mine.

Except. At the time, I didn't have 4 mm DPNs with which to work the sleeves. I decided to try it out on two circulars, having already worked some sleeves using Magic Loop and determining that if I could avoid it I would prefer that. Turned out, using two circulars was also more cumbersome and fussy than I really have patience for, and after working most of the first sleeve, I got fed up and set it aside.

For a really long time.

I got DPNs in my usual sweater sizes, but played with other yarns in other projects, not yet ready to return to this. Earlier this year - in February or March, I think - I decided to return to this sweater.

And it zoomed along once I did. I actually finished it up in early May.

Once I was able to use my preferred small-circumference-in-the-round-on-DPNs technique, all animosity I might have been harbouring against this sweater dissolved. I found the pattern to be well written and clear - at least, I don't remember having any whiskey-tango-foxtrot moments. The Merino et Soie yarn was a good choice, I think - it worked up fairly densely at this gauge, 24 sts to 4 inches, but the resulting fabric isn't stiff or bunchy.

I only really made one major modification to the pattern - instead of knitting this piece as a cardigan, I pulloverized it. All I needed to do was join for in-the-round knitting right from the get go, and then I switched to flat knitting at the point where I believed I wanted the deepest point of the neckline to hit, based largely on how the V-neck would split the cabled pattern on the yoke. I have yet to really wear it, so I'm not sure if I ended up placing it a touch too deep - in which case I may go back and stitch the gap up a bit. I had initially planned on working the button bands along the neckline, but ended up deciding against it at the very end - mostly because I couldn't figure a way to make them meet up neatly in the notch at the base of the neckline.

I'm looking forward to wearing this one.

You know, in two or three months' time.

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