Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Scattered intentions

I was tidying up a little bit today, and haphazardly put my little pair of scissors into my knitting bag of tricks. Normally, I store the scissors in a little zippered compartment of my circular needle case - the one that holds my non-interchangeable ones - but at the time I was feeling sort of in a hurry, and didn't want to properly stow the scissors, so into the bag they went.

A few hours later, I remembered that I'd tossed them in there, and felt that that was a poor decision, and went to dig them out. Since we are talking about a pointy pair of scissors, I figured it would be safest to carefully remove yarny objects from the bag one by one as I sought to locate the scissors.

Being small and heavy, they had, of course, sifted their way down to the bottom of the bag, which means that once I'd found them, I had created this pile on the bed:

What is all that? Here, maybe this will clarify a little:

That jumble is the present state of my knitting intentions. A number of those things are on needles, meaning I am, at various intervals, actively working on them. Other things are cakes of yarn, meaning I have a concrete plan in mind for that yarn, and intend to cast on very soon.

Yes. It is a rather substantial pile.

Yes. I am finding it a wee bit intimidating.

Yes. I'm going to get right back to working on something in that pile as soon as I've posted this.

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