Tuesday, May 29, 2012

To rip, or not to rip

Now that is the question, isn't it?

Here you see a humble sock cuff:

It's the beginnings of Nebula, by Cookie A, done up in Yummy Yarn Studio 80/20 BFL, in Pomegranate. I started this, oh, back in March, I think? I worked on it for a bit, thoroughly enchanted by it.

And then I just stopped.

It's not that I dislike the result. I really, really like how it's turning out, and just last night, I looked at that promising beginning of a sock, and thought about how much I'm going to like the finished socks. The cables stand out fantastically, and the yarn shows off all the variations in texture magnificently.

Can you see why I might have stopped? See those panels of vertical ribbing that sort of travel along the sock? Those are 1x1 twisted rib. If you've been paying attention to this blog, you may be thinking Uh oh, she doesn't like 1x1 twisted rib. Which is entirely true. I can deal with it in small doses, but this pattern has thwackloads of it. Plus, because the ribbed panel is travelling, there are twisted decreases that must be done as well, and something about the way I hold the knitting, or the way I form stitches, I don't know what exactly - but twisted decreases really don't go smoothly for me. I found myself often needing two or maybe even three attempts to execute, which slowed down progress, which started to frustrate me.

Now, as I've said, I'm liking the result that I'm getting so far. But there is so very much of the dreaded 1x1 twisted rib in this pattern - I know, some designers really like it, Cookie A being one of them, and I did know that before starting - and while I have in the past just shoved my way through it in order to have a completed pair of socks, the extra obstacle of the twisted decreases in this one is making me reconsider. It will take me forEVER to finish this sock, and then I'll have to do a second. By the time I finish, I may not want to ever look at those socks again, never mind wear them. And what would the point of that be?

So I think this humble sock cuff is going to be pulled apart, and the yarn will be relaxed and then reknit into something that doesn't give me a twitch in my left eye after knitting a few rounds. It seems a shame to undo all that I've done so far, particularly since I like the result I'm getting, but I think it will all be better this way.

Besides, I really want to try out Double Heelix to use up some sock yarn leftovers, and I kinda sorta need those needles in order to do it. Only have two sets, the other set is in my plain stockinette sock, which now has gussets.

Perhaps I should consider buying another set (or two) of sock needles.

Really, though - I think that this sock start is on its way out.

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