Monday, March 12, 2012

Not yarny, still good

Okay. I know I'm running this thing as a knitting blog, and I do have stuff to show you, but I didn't get around to taking any pictures, and I'm running low on time here as I've got to head out the door earlier than anticipated, so I'm not talking yarn adventures today.

Instead, I've got a kitchen adventure.

We all have fond memories of things we ate as kids, and one of mine is a dish my mother simply called beef with rice. That's basically all there is to it - you cut up a slab of flank steak, season it with fresh grated or crushed ginger, soy sauce, sugar, salt, cornstarch, and some oil, and then cook it on top of a pot of rice. It's simple and straightforward - though it does take awhile - and it keeps fabulously in the fridge, and reheats beautifully in the microwave, so it's awesome for lunches. A few months ago I finally managed to get the recipe from Mum, and I've made it at home a few times.

I made a batch this morning, which is part of why I'm sort of pressed for time.

I've discovered a pleasant side benefit of cooking this in the morning. When you make this, you end up with a crust of slightly burnt rice at the bottom of your pot - not fun for cleanup. But, I discovered by chance that if you cook up a batch, but then leave it covered to cool off - that is, don't serve it right away - that crust comes off the bottom of the pot easy as pie. (Well. I'm using a small enamelled cast iron dutch oven. Maybe it still wouldn't work well in a non-enamelled pot.)

Now, that crust isn't exactly pretty. And it's got a strong tendency to stay together, meaning you can't easily break it apart into smaller pieces, so it's a bit awkward to serve it along with the rest of the beef with rice.

But it's been infused with some of the seasonings that were put on the beef - not strongly, but a touch. Meaning, it's still totally good to eat.

And I've discovered that if you make this dish in the morning, you get a very pleasant surprise snack in the early afternoon.

Om nom nom.

More yarny content coming when I'm not so busy stuffing my face with rice and not too lazy to snap a few pictures. I have a finished sweater to show off!

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