Monday, January 30, 2012

Moving right along

I snapped this quick photo yesterday afternoon:

I know that generally backlighting is something to be avoided in photography, but for some things I like the effect it gives.

Anyway. This is the second half of that skein of MCN blend that I'm working up into socks - the first one got finished over the weekend, save the kitchenering of the toe and weaving in of ends. I've been working on these socks as I watch the gameplay of Saints Row: the Third, and because of that - and the fact that the Saints' colour is purple - I've come to think of these socks as my Saints socks. I cast on for the second sock yesterday too - twice, in fact, because I borked up the placement of the cable panel. In retrospect, it didn't really matter - socks worked from the top down start out as tubes, after all, so as long as I make sure I place my heel in the right spot when I get to it I'll have the same overall effect. But, at the time I was riding the alarmist wave - This isn't right, oh noes! - and had only worked a couple of rounds anyway, so it wasn't a huge deal to just yank the needles and start over.

In fact, now that I think about it, I still don't think the cable panel is placed exactly right. I think I moved it closer to centre by one stitch, because the pattern has you do this setup in k1 p1 rib, and I think I tried to maintain that setup where I wasn't supposed to, which prompted me to shift the cable panel so that the cable chart could start with a p1. Hm. I may be starting over a third time. Sigh. Edit: I didn't start over again. I figured out that because I'm working my sock over 66 sts instead of the 64 called for in the pattern, some adjusting is needed. Actually, I think there's an error on the chart, because the part that I thought might not need to be maintained as established in the setup round totally needs to be maintained if you want 1x1 ribbing as a result. In any event, did not rip, proceeding with adjustments. All is well so far.

I also cast off the back of my latest sweater adventure last night, and started in on the second sleeve - no pics yet, maybe I'll snap a shot of the existing pieces once they're blocked. I am loving the way it's going so far. I was planning on some quality time with that second sleeve this afternoon, but I think the second Saints sock might be pulling rank so that I can fix that error. The more I think about it, the more convinced I'm becoming that that will be my plan.

Once I get the kitchen cleaned up, that is.

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