Monday, October 10, 2011

Wants and obligations

Every once in a while, I wonder what it would be like if knitting became my job.

It's not a question I really consider very seriously - I'm pretty confident that I earn more doing what I currently do than I would as a professional knitter, in large part because, well, I'm sort of slow. I cannot crank out a sock in a single afternoon - in fact, on a four hour flight between Calgary and Montreal, I can typically get the leg of a sock done, or I can do the toe and the foot nearly up to the gusset. So I know earning a living off knitting is just not going to happen.

I wonder if I would like it, though. I mean, I definitely have my days where I want to do nothing but knit. Of course, I can't. But what if I could? What if I had to? Would I be happy? Or would I come to resent knitting, view it as a chore that needed to get done, like washing pots and pans?

I wonder about this as I wage the eternal internal struggle on what to knit next. No, I'm not done with my current sweater - I've got the body and two thirds of the first sleeve done, so the end is in sight. September's SSP socks still aren't even a single complete sock, though I'm close - working the toe. I've got about two thirds of the first sleeve of another sweater for me that's been hanging out for a while now, stalled out when I got fed up with Magic Loop and decided that DPNs are the way to go for these hands. I've got the DPNs now, so I could jump back on that once I'm ready for The Next Sweater. Or, I could dive in to a new pattern - there are four that are all screaming at me from my queue, and I've got yarn for them to boot. I'd like that, though I would feel vaguely guilty about continuing to ignore that bit of sleeve that's waiting patiently for me. I do want that sweater, too.

There is some obligation knitting on my plate, though. My sister bought some yarn over the summer, and has settled on a pattern for one of the skeins. She also wants a pair of unspun silk mittens - I showed her the mawata mittens that sparked a flood of orders over at Blue Moon Fiber Arts, and she put in a request. Yup, we were part of the overload over there. I should really get hers done before Real Canadian Winter arrives. Plus, I bought a skein over the summer with the intention that it will become a hat for Someone Else. He is teasing me that he will not see the hat before winter arrives, so I'd better get on that.

I know that is a lot of knitting that is destined for other people, and should probably be prioritized a bit.

I still want to cast on a new sweater for me.

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