Saturday, October 15, 2011

Problems and solutions

Problem: it is getting cold outside. Fall has definitely arrived, and mornings - especially those early mornings when I get to work before the sun is even up now - have a definite nip in the air. Walking from building to building is also becoming an increasingly chilly endeavour.

Solution: Knitwear!

I've been thinking a lot about triangular shawlettes lately. I now have several individual skeins of Madeleinetosh Tosh Sock yarn in my wee stash, and while I had initially bought it for socks, I find myself reaching more and more for other yarns for socks. Really, I've been using a lot of Knit Picks Stroll, because it goes in both the washer and the dryer, and I like that for socks. A lot.

The Tosh Sock is gorgeous, though, and I want to knit with it. Which brings me to the idea of turning those skeins into shawlettes. I have a couple of knit scarves in my front entryway closet that I almost never use - I usually forget to grab them before I head out the door, because I'm always in a hurry to leave, because I'm always a bit behind schedule. It has occurred to me, though, that I could use a shawlette not as an outerwear item, but as an accessory. I've seen other people do this, so I know it's a real thing, and not just some delusion I have that will get me wearable items out of single skeins of sock yarn. In my mind's eye, it's also a neat trick to use to make an otherwise too-casual-for-professional-wear top be work-appropriate. Having my neck covered also seems like an excellent way to help ward of chills at work.

After all, scarves are on trend right now, aren't they?

Problem: I should really wrap up some stuff before starting in on something new. I've got one of my September SSP socks done save the grafting of the toe, and I've cast on for the second, but that's about it. I've also got only a sleeve and a bit plus the finishing to go on a sweater, which would also be work-appropriate. And I have that other sweater that I started a while back but have significantly more to do - all I've got is two-thirds or so of the first sleeve.

Solution: Hey! My sister has been making noises about it being mitten weather really soon, and she wants her mawata mittens. Better start those.

Problem: This is my first time working with mawata. I've got 20 g per mitten. That should be enough, right? I'm not sure. It's entirely possible that I'm not attenuating the mawata sufficiently, so I'm not getting the yardage I should be. I've been weighing the remaining mawata obsessively since casting on. I still have 13 g left in that shot - I've used 7 g. Am I going to make it?

Solution: Knit faster.

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