Sunday, October 30, 2011

Maybe a lot

Last night, I cast off on my Commuter mitts, and decided to weave the ends in right away, since they were there in my hands. If that were taken care of, then all I'd need to do is attach the buttons and give them a light blocking, and then I can use them. Score.

I try to keep my tools somewhat organized, and I reached for the needle case that I keep my tapestry needles and small scissors in. To get to it, I had to move some in progress stuff.

I moved a hat in progress.

I moved a sweater in progress.

I moved a shawlette in progress.

These three projects joined the nearly-complete mitts on the surface of the bed, and I took a moment then to take stock of the woolly bounty before me, all things in various stages of completion.

And I thought, Hmm, perhaps I've gone too far with this multiple project thing. After all, this collection isn't even the entirety of it. There's September's SSP socks - still not done. (What's that? September's long gone? I'm sorry, I don't hear you, tralalalala...) I've got another portion of a sweater hanging out waiting for me to pick it up again.

And then I thought, Ha, good thing these mitts are pretty well done!

And now I'm thinking about what I should cast on next.

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