Saturday, September 24, 2011


Whoops. So much for my promise of a k'done post for my latest sweater within a week. It's now been two weeks, and not only did I never get around to taking any modeled pictures - or any pictures, for that matter - I also slipped into radio silence.

Sorry. This whole working-for-a-living thing is putting a serious dent in my knitlife.

Today, though, I grabbed my iPhone and snapped a few pics of what yardage I have managed to crank through in the past little while.

This is my September SSP sock. Yup, it's the first sock of the pair. Yup, that's not even a whole leg - maybe a third of what I intend to do? I'm absolutely loving the yarn, which is Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label, in Sunset, and does the knitted fabric ever look like a gorgeous streaky sunset. It's not super obvious in my backlit photo there, but I liked the photo I got, so that's what I'm sharing. More details on what exactly is going on there when the full finished reveal happens. In the meantime, the yarn is lovely to look at, and knits up beautifully, so how come I haven't got more than just this small bit of the first sock to show for myself on the - eek - 24th of September?

Because of a massive sweater bug that hit at the beginning of the month. I'm scrambling a little trying to dress myself for work, and suddenly far more of my available tops are striking me as not quite professional-looking enough for work, so I'm trying to fix the issue by knitting. I know. It's a slow solution, I'd be much better served by just going shopping. The trouble is, there are a lot of sweaters in my queue, and I really want them, and, well. I'm knitting when I can.

In the past three weeks - well, nearly three weeks - I've produced this:

That there is a nearly completed body of Brompton, by Alice Bell. I'm thinking I'll get the bottom hem done up this weekend, but then it'll be set aside for a bit while I wait for some DPNs to do the sleeves - some new Knit Picks Harmony DPNs are winging their way to me, as part of my birthday present from my brother and sister.

I'll just spend some time with my awesome socks, and scheme about which sweater is next.

Who am I kidding? I already know. I've got the yarn wound up, even. I just haven't told you yet.

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