Sunday, July 3, 2011

K'done: Belle Vitini Socks

Whoa moly that's a lotta twisted rib.

Pattern: Belle Vitini, by Kristi Geraci
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Tonal, in Summer Blooms
Needles: 2.75 mm / US 2 for the first part of the cuff (involving cables); 2.25 mm / US 1 for the remainder

Um, yeah. The lace on the leg was fun, the cabled bits at the top of the cuff were fun, but I'm not a fan of 1x1 ribbing, and making it twisted ribbing slows me down some more, and there was a whole lot of it in this pattern. For each sock, I did alright until I got to the heel flap, which, instead of being in slipped stitches, is in the twisted rib. So I was really sick of the ribbing by the time I finished the heel and then guess what? It carries on in the lace. All. The. Way. Down. The. Foot. So yes, I'm very glad these are done and off the needles.

I borked something up in the toe decreases of the first sock - somehow I ended up with 20 stitches, which shouldn't have happened, and didn't happen on the second sock. Whatever the error was, it's not obvious to my eyes, so I'm leaving it there. If I were to do another pair of these, I'd do another half repeat of the leg chart, but who am I kidding? The odds of me agreeing to do all that twisted ribbing again are really, really slim. Like talk to me in ten years slim.

Still, I am happy to add these socks to my collection. When I saw the pattern, even though the sample is done up in a teal colour, something about them screamed pink to me, and lo, I had this skein of super pink yarn in the sock yarn stash. In all honesty, I suspect some sort of screwy association in my head - the Vitini of the pattern name is getting hooked up with martini in my head, which then somehow links to the bright punchy pink of a cosmo. It's all wrong, I know, but I'm happy with the end result of that train of non-logic. I guessed that the name was Italian - I know vitre and ventana mean window in French and Spanish, respectively, so I thought perhaps vitini might be Italian for window or small window - but Google Translate told me that vitini is Italian for small screw. So maybe it's not Italian after all.

Either way, time to move forward!

To something that does not involve 1x1 twisted rib. Yeesh.

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