Friday, June 17, 2011

Wants and needs

What I want to do: stay home, sit in the comfy chair in the corner by the window, and crank the yardage on Amiga. I'm well into the front bands - not too much knitting time yesterday, but still the sweater progresses. Maybe even give some more time and attention to the June SSP sock - I've gone ahead and knit four rounds on it already this morning. I briefly pondered switching to the lacy leg of the second sock for a bit, but then realized that I might end up trying to work the heel before finishing the foot of the first sock, which would mean that both socks would want me working the twisted 1x1 rib at the same time, and that seemed like an excellent way to end up shoving the socks into a drawer somewhere and disavowing all knowledge of them. I'll get back to the second after I'm done with the first.

What I need to do: grocery shop. I need to pick up stuff from two different stores, because Someone Else has run out of the probiotic supplement he likes to take with his dinners, which means I have to go to Costco, but the regular groceries are best had at the regular grocery store, which is not Costco. Sigh.

I also have to clean up a few days' worth of cooking detritus in the kitchen to make room for cooking tonight and over the weekend. Unfortunately, one of the items is my massive crockpot, from Wednesday's sweet potato ginger soup. The soup is wonderful and easy to make, but the pot is big and awkward and heavy, and I hate cleaning it. Probably the joy of having the soup outweighs the nuisance of cleaning the crockpot, but the moments before the actual cleaning have me seriously doubting that.

My plan is to do the grocery runs now, with a swing by a McDonald's to treat myself to some Cinnamon Melts on the way home from Costco. The cleanup will happen this afternoon.

Yes, I will get to my wants as well as taking care of my needs. I just wish I could devote all my time to my wants and ignore the needs completely.

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